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Staff have the right to punish players at their discretion. If you feel that a staff member has been unjust, or would like a second chance, please submit a support ticket.

1. Be respectful to Players and Staff

Don't argue with other Players and Members of staff, if you wish to discuss a topic, use /msg instead of public chat. Please refer to staff by their name, and not rank - IE "Hey Sparky, could you help me please" Rather than "Owner, help plz". This also means do not curse other players with Witchery!
Do not harass other players, it is unnecessary and unkind.

2. Keep chat clean and in English

Don't spam, use caps excessive, no racist or sexist remarks - Especially no foul language. This means no trolling, flaming, or deliberately discussing topics which are, or could be considered sensitive - IE Religion, Politics and similar topics. This also includes inappropriately named items.

3. No griefing/Stealing inside Claims, and NO Pseudogrief

Claims are protected to avoid grief - If you are caught bypassing this, it is considered an exploit/bug. Pseudogriefing is breaking into a claim, and replacing the blocks you used to enter, it also includes breaking blocked and placing blocks excessively on the border and within a 50 block radius of someone's claim. Please be aware - If you do not claim an area, and someone steals your items, this is not considered grief as you are in charge of protecting your items. Also note, that if you have trusted someone on your claim and they grief you, it is your responsibility, and no items will be refunded.
Do not claim land within 100 blocks of someone elses claim, unless you live together, or have specific permission from that player. This includes setting homes within 100 blocks of someone elses claim

4. No AFK pools

We have an AFK kicker, if you bypass this, it is treated as an exploit.

5. No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

Simple; Don't fill up chat begging for items, and don't pester staff for items/ranks - You should earn them like any other player!

6. No Advertising

Do NOT advertise any other server/network, in public chat, on the forums, or private messages.

7. Do not abuse Glitches/Exploits, or use Hacks

Simple, all the mods you need are installed on the server. Exceptions are map mods/addons such as Voxelmap or Journeymap. We're a survival network, please treat it as such!

8. Do not impersonate members of Staff, or other Players.

Do not pretend to be a member of staff, and if you have access to the /nick command, NEVER impersonate a member of staff, OR other players.

9. Do not make illegal mob spawners

If you build a mob-spawner, mobs must die within 5 seconds of spawning. If they don't, Staff will remove it - This is to reduce player-caused lag, so the server can run smoothly for everyone.

10. Do not have inappropriate names.

if you do have an inappropriate name, please change your username, or you will be banned from the network until you do - This is an online game, and anyone can be offended!

11. Items lost to ClearLag, including Broken graves, will not be reimbursed. This includes putting large volumes of items in your inventory, causing playerdata corruption

The best example of this is Applied Energistics ME Storage Cells in a Golden Bag of Holding.

Some Terminology:


Easily explained, someone who causes grief; If you were to harass/irritate another player, or cause someone frustration, that's likely causing them grief, and therefore griefing.


Away-from-keyboard, simply meaning you're not available in-game or not even at your computer.


In the context of the server this simply means that the server is falling behind while processing something, or taking too long to process a specific task, therefore not having enough time to process anything else.